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Stylez joined The Katz MC – Phoenix Chapter in 2015 and quickly worked to earn the position of Road Captain a year later. He retained that position until his untimely passing caused by a reckless driver while riding his motorcycle. 

Stylez was “the life of the party” and loved hanging with the clubs on the Phoenix Motorcycle Set. He was a serious rider and pushed his silver Suzuki Hayabusa to the limit. 

Each year in the last week of September The Katz host a memorial ride in Stylez’ name to celebrate him. All of the members that were in the club in 2016 wear a patch bearing his name with the phrase “Ride Forever” under it.

He is survived by his family, club members, and friends throughout Arizona that keep his memory alive with the stories about Stylez that they share.

Stylez | Road Captain
The Katz MC - Phoenix Chapter